Open Letter To: Sierra Bonita Village Homeowners

Recently, I received an unsigned letter regarding an RV parked in the driveway of a home on Southview Circle.  First, please remember, you must sign your complaint letter.  The Board cannot take action without a signature. These letters are strictly confidential and  I am the only person who reads the.  I write a letter to the person accused of violating the CC&R’s, then report the basic circumstance  to the Board of Directors.

This letter also demanded an explanation as to why the maintenance person has done nothing about this issue…  The reason is this….we no longer have a maintenance person.  The Board is down from nine to five directors and they are all volunteers.  It is you the homeowners who are responsible to insure that the CC&Rs are followed by volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors.   Out of 550+ homeowners only 5 are willing to volunteer to fills these positions.

Please if you can spare a few hours a month, nominate yourself to help fill these position by sending an email to Requirements are few and I will send the short list to you by return email. Nominations will be taken until the General meeting mid February.

Sincerely Carla Crane, Manager.