• ANNUAL VILLAGE-WIDE GARAGE SALE: SATURDAY MAY 21, starting at 9:00 am and going until sellers are ready to pack it in.  

Signing off….Carla Crane

Introducing: Terri Henley who will be your new manager as of June 1, 2022. Terri resides in Sierra Bonita Village and served as a director on the Board for two years and Vice President for the passed 12 months.  Now she will be taking over the job of manager.

CC&R REVISION AND AMENDMENT: CURRENT PROPOSED ADJUSTMENTS TO PARAGRAPH 3 CONCERNING AGE RESTRICTIONS ETC. Due to the length of the amendment it is an attachment in PDF format for downloading. Paragraph 3 Revised

CC&R REVISION AND AMENDMENT:  Due to the size of the amendment it is an attachment in PDF format: The following is a revision pertaining to Trailer, Boats, Commercial Vehicles and Recreational Vehicles: Paragraph 7 Revised

Paragraph 5,8, 9 and 10: Clarification of what alterations need board approval. This is currently under revision discussions.  Once a proposed amendment to this issue has been formulated, it will be posted here.

There is a  required change due to California State Legislature which prohibits the HOA from restricting any content of non-commercial signs/flags posted to ones own property. The only restrictions allowed will pertain to the size of the signs/flags and that commercial signs are not allowed.  A sign may not be larger than 3ftx3ft and a flag may be no larger than 15 square feet.

Two items have been abandoned: Due to legal issues associated with rental caps, and regulating dog breeds, it would put the HOA in jeopardy to try and control these. Note: Some condominium complexes have very strict rules regarding rentals and dog breeds, but they are gated and on private property.  The sidewalks, streets etc belong to their Association and are self maintained.